Mouser Finishes

Inspired by treasures of the past, Mouser Cabinetry features a beautiful selection of finishes and distressing options. Whether you prefer a Traditional or Contemporary style, our finishes are sure to add a splendid touch to any home. To capture the beauty and essence of antique cabinetry, Mouser also offers a line of distressing options: Weathered Distressing, Heirloom Distressing, Rustic Distressing, and Cobblestone Distressing. Also, our Finish Enhancements including spattering, waterspots, dry brushing, and cow tailing add a distinctive look to your cabinet selection.

Our finish selections offer exquisite, heavily pigmented stains with a clear catalyzed sealer and topcoat for added durability and beauty. The richness of this finish collection allows you to choose from a variety of colors to create a priceless look you will truly cherish. Choose from our Glazed, Glacier, Glacier with Accent, or heavy pigmented colors to add richness and style to any cabinetry selection.